You Can Do It…!

The question is – what is the best way to get there….?


We cannot teach you to become an entrepreneur –  we can only recognize it. We believe you already carry the seed of entrepreneurship inside, or as we say; the butterfly is inside the egg. With some support we can see your creative desire turn into a force of action. Can anybody become an entrepreneur then? Well, what you really need is GRIT – Passion and perseverance for long term and meaningful goals. Many entrepreneurs fail because they give up. The most important asset you already have – the ability to create. Keep on reading…


If you join us, we will work hard to reinforce it and build your capacity. Together with you we lay the foundation for your company through the Startup Academy that we run during 3 months, 2 evenings per week. You will learn the mindset of an entrepreneur, understand what makes a business work, find your customers, design what value you will provide them, learn to recognize opportunities, and build business models to capture them. You will also learn how to solve societal problems in a sustainable way through entrepreneurship.


Right after the Academy the Incubator starts. The Incubator is like a lab, the main activity is experimentation. You will complete your business model, find your network, shape your marketing plan and your strategy, get help to find a startup loan and be ready to hit the ground running. Besides Itzinya’s mentors, you will be connected with mentors from the same industry locally and internationally. We don’t just want to see you start your business, we want to resource it and follow you along the way. And as you grow there is more training coming up.


The time will come when we will release it, it is time for you to try your wings and fly on your own. Even after the time in the incubator the business mentors will be on hand for support. You will also be invited to events for special seminars, networking with other both local and international businesses and expand your network. This is your chance to make reality of that dream. Don’t wait, go to the application page and join us!
You can do it – cause itzinya!

Entrepreneurship Development

Located in the Business and Innovation Center of Málaga, Itzinya Málaga exists to identify entrepreneurs and enable them to positively impact communities through small business endeavors. We seek to cultivate transformation by equipping business practitioners to facilitate and accelerate startups, as well as by providing professional coaching and networking opportunities.

StartUp Academy

Itzinya Málaga empowers entrepreneurs to solidify their business ideas and to develop and launch startups. Our programs are designed to:

Equip local, regional and global NGOs to facilitate startups among immigrant and refugee communities. This helps to address some of the pressing needs of the migrant population. We train these organizations to establish sustainable business with positive impact.

Train aspiring entrepreneurs so they can successfully launch their business endeavors. Through our incubator, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate your idea, taking practical steps to bring it to fruition. You’ll build your network, shape your marketing plan, plan your strategy and be ready to hit the ground running with a viable startup.

Facilitator Training

Our 4-day Incubator Academy will teach you how to brand a local Startup Academy, as well as how to develop and grow businesses in your own community.

Professional Coaching

Our experienced business practitioners will provide you with coaching to help you develop as an entrepreneur. Through proven diagnostic methods, we will help you discover who you are and where you’re going so you can leverage your strengths.

A Network of Like-Minded Professionals

Through Itzinya Málaga’s association with the National Association of European Business and Innovation Centers, you will have access to a vast network of professionals dedicated to supporting the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to connect with mentors within your industry, as well as others with similar goals.

The Facilitators

Yes that’s right, we do not have teachers. We don’t believe teaching is the best way for you to get the understanding of entrepreneurship and the confidence in yourself that you can do it. We believe it is more like a journey. So instead of teachers we have facilitators or “guides” that accompany you on your journey. They will share shorter main learning points and lead discussions, reflections and exercises. Those facilitators will also become your coaches in the incubator process. In addition to this we will try to connect you with experienced industry experts that can mentor you.

Learn More

Contact us at to learn more about how Itzinya Málaga could help you advance as an entrepreneur.